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Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome

Last modified 11/15/08


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Long past are the days when aspiring saxophonists labored with tuning forks and spring loaded metronomes.  Never has that been more true than in the presence of the Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome.  Korg, a manufacturer of electronic instruments since the 1960s, has provided in the TM-40 everything today’s musicians and music students need to develop a good internal reference for time and pitch. 



· General

The layout of the device is very ergonomic.  Displays are easily read and the buttons are easy to use.  Also, the tuner and metronome functions can operate by themselves or simultaneously.  The TM-40 is very lightweight, small (but not TOO small), and runs for a long time on two AAA batteries.  There is a 20 minute auto shutdown if the device is left on.  With a list price of $40, it’s a bargain although not the least expensive (the Sabine MT9000 is less).


· Tuner

With features like the “digital analog” needle display for intonation, the saxophonist can accurately see pitch deviation for any note played.  Note detection is nearly immediate and covers the range of any saxophone from the B flat Bass to the E flat sopranino.  Pitch is easily calibrated using the calibration buttons to anywhere from A410 to A480.  There is a volume controlled tone output (A, B flat, or C to C chromatic) that goes to an internal speaker or optionally through the headphone jack for tuning the “old fashioned” way.  Red LEDs indicate flat or sharp pitch and a green LED indicates “in tune”.


· Metronome

The metronome function outputs tempos from 40 to 208 beats per minute (largo to prestissimo).  The beat pattern can be anything from one beat to seven beats per measure, and the first beat is a fifth higher than the rest of the beats in the pattern.  There is also a setting for “zero” beats per measure that just uses the lower pitch for the beat.  Also, subdivided beats are available (halves, thirds, fourths, 2/3—1/3 swing, and 3/4—1/4 dotted), but note that they aren’t available if the metronome is running in concurrence with the tuner.  The “digital analog” display needle swings back and forth like an old style spring metronome.  Red LEDs blink on the left and right blink when the needle swings in that direction.  The user can also “tap in” a beat to select the tempo for the metronome.


This is an excellent tuner/metronome.  Inexpensive, feature filled, and it fits nicely in your case.  Definitely a good purchase for any aspiring saxophonist, or professional for that matter.

The Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome