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Saxophone Jokes — One Liners

Last modified 09/12/08


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Q:  What’s the difference between a blues SaxophoneMan and a jazz SaxophoneMan?

A:  A blues SaxophoneMan solos over three chord changes for 1000 people, and a jazz SaxophoneMan solos over 1000 chord changes for three people.


Q:  How many C melody sax players can you fit in a phone booth?

A:  All of them.


You may be a redneck SaxophoneMan if . . .

· You spell it “saxaphone”

· You store your sax in the back of your pickup without a case.

· You think that Boots Randolph is the greatest Jazz musician of all time


Why are bari saxes so big?

It's just an optical illusion. Bari saxes aren't so big — the player's heads are really small.

Why are alto saxes so small?

It's just an optical illusion. Alto saxes aren't so small — the player's heads are really big.


Two New York City jazzers got a gig in Chicago but had to drive separate cars. When the trumpet player arrived at the gig, he was told the sax player had been killed tragically on a bridge in Indiana. He looked confused. "Man, there's no bridge in Indiana!"



Saxophone playing “Prison style” — always behind a few bars and never finding the right key



Q:  Why didn't the great jazz sax players like playing soprano?

A:  The case was too small to hide their drugs


SAXIDERMY -- The art of mounting old saxophones for wall display.

SAXATION -- When the club owner requires a cut from the take in the tip jar.



Q:  What do you call a "Naked Lady Conn"?

A:  Hornography!



Q: What's the difference between a jazz SaxophoneMan and a large pepperoni pizza?

A: A large pepperoni pizza can actually feed a family of four.



Q: What's the difference between a jazz SaxophoneMan and a US savings bond?

A: The savings bond will actually mature and make money.




SATISAXTION — something you can’t get playing saxophone!