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Sabine Metrotune MT9000 Tuner Metronome

Last modified 11/15/08


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Sabine Inc., a Florida based company, got their start in 1971 as an instrument manufacture and repair shop.  Today they are a manufacturer of pro audio, wireless systems, and music accessories, including tuners and metronomes.  One of their featured products is the Metrotune MT9000 — a three-in-one tuner, metronome, and tone generator (pictured at right). 



· General

The MT-9000 is very lightweight, compact, and runs for a long time on two AAA batteries.  It comes with a handy carrying case.  The plastic casing on the device is solid and from a distance looks good, but up close the tolerances and edge finishes on the parts of the case make it look and feel a little cheap.  Online prices are in the $29—$35 range, so it’s less than the Korg TM-40 but has less features so that should be expected.


· Tuner

When switched to tuner mode (each of the three modes are mutually exclusive), there is a 3 minute auto shutdown if the device is left on, assuming there is no audible signal.  I suspect this means that if you leave this thing on in a noisy environment it will keep running until the batteries run out.  The tuner has a “digital analog” needle display for displaying pitch deviation for any note played.  Note detection is nearly immediate and covers the range of any saxophone from the B flat Bass to the E flat sopranino.  Pitch can be calibrated from A430 to A449.  Orange LEDs indicate flat or sharp pitch and the green LEDs indicate “in tune”.


· Tone Generator

There is a volume controlled tone output (three octave chromatic) that goes to an internal speaker or optionally through the headphone jack for tuning the “old fashioned” way.  This could also be used instead of a pitch pipe for a cappella singing for those saxophonists who double on vocals.


· Metronome

The metronome function outputs tempos from 40 to 216 beats per minute (largo to prestissimo).  The beat pattern can be anything from two beats to seven beats per measure, and the first beat is an octave higher than the rest of the beats in the pattern.  There is also a setting for “zero” beats per measure that just uses the lower pitch for the beat.  Also, subdivided beats are available (halves, thirds, fourths, 2/3—1/3 swing, and 3/4—1/4 dotted).  The “digital analog” display needle swings back and forth like an old style spring metronome.  Green LEDs blink on the left and right blink when the needle swings in that direction.


This tuner/metronome is a lower end product but adequate for what you pay for.  Personally I prefer the Korg, but for those aspiring saxophonists on a budget the Sabine MT9000 would work for them.

The Sabine Metrotune MT9000 Tuner Metronome