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Last modified 09/12/08


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A lot of aspiring saxophone players have asked me about insurance for the saxophone.  This article addresses the questions I hear most.

· Do I need insurance for my saxophone?

Good question.  The point to ponder is can you afford to overhaul or replace your saxophone in the event of a catastrophe?  They do happen — I once had my Bari sax roll of the stage and drop 6 feet before crashing on the hard auditorium floor.  There wasn't much left — needless to say I don't use a Bari stand with wheels anymore.  Of course there's theft and fire and various other possibilities.  But back to the point — if you can't afford the cost of replacement or overhaul then you'd better get some insurance.  If your saxophone is irreplaceable (i.e. antique or vintage) then you really need insurance.

· How do I get insurance?

The answer depends on whether you are a student/hobby player, or a professional.

If you are a student or a hobby player the answer is fairly simple.  Most homeowner's or renter's policies will provide additional coverage for a small fee, just like they do for things like jewelry.  If you still live with a parent or guardian just work with them to get that coverage.

If you are a professional then it's another story.  Be careful about the professional definition — insurance companies love to deny claims based on stuff like that.  If you have coverage on your homeowner's policy and they find out you've been paid to play your saxophone they might call you a professional and deny the claim!  As a professional you need special insurance for your horns — it's usually covered under the broader category of business equipment insurance.  Check with your insurance agent or if you're a member of the musician's union you can get insurance through them — check out this link          



If you play your saxophone long enough the unexpected will happen so it's better to be safe than sorry.  Proceed with caution though — the whole insurance thing can be complicated so check with an insurance agent before you take a policy out on your saxophones.

Saxophone Insurance